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Sisters With Purpose Kingdom of Heaven Ministries also known as SWP, strives to perform in a spirit of excellence. Currently operating as a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, we share prophetic evangelism and aim to impact the community beyond the walls of the church, co-laboring with the Holy Spirit and sharing prophetic evangelism to flow into playgrounds, school, malls, streets, and coffee shops. 

Our mission is to inspire others to fulfill their God-given purpose and destiny through building knowledge of, and a relationship with Him. Through our mission we provide assistance with resources for health, food, clothes, housing and much more.  Our purpose is to fulfill the New Testament  by grooming disciples and building the kingdom of God while one day bringing healing and deliverance worldwide. SWP serves to be and expression of Christ Jesus as we continue "walking out the word" and sharing the love of Christ by any means necessary.


SWP ministries  


Sisters With Purpose (SWP), was founded in 2000. Prior to establishment, our inspiration began on the premise of what started as a women monthly social gathering.  


The monthly event was hosted to establish positive relationships and was used as a forum to allow women to express themselves and share about being a Christian and maturing in the word of God. 


As wives, sisters, mothers, aunts, mentors, business owners, and trying to manage these relationships, careers and obtaining education, it seemed very hard to achieve life balance. The Women's Night Out social gave women a chance to express and share with one another and study God's word.  We enjoyed the fellowship and the opportunity to help others to search and understand God's Purpose as Daughter and Sisters  in Christ. And now, we have established our ministry on this premise.   

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