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HEALING Essential Oil of the Bible Aromatherapist

God the First Aromatherapist. Let look at the story of oil in the Bible . Adam and Eve in the garden an not in the house. All the aromas that was surrounding them in the garden was the plan of God to rejuventate. All the aromas that come from essentil oils broadcast by plants as their means of communication between themselves, the animail kingdom and people . God intended that we live in an enivornment permeated with gentle sents or essential oils. Scientifically we know that these natural aromas are more than just plesant. They are emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically healing. Healing promises and breakthough Ezekiel 47;12 and Revelation 22:2. Its suggested that God gave us the natural herbs including their extracts to be our medicines. God was the first aromatherapist long before the word or concept was articulated by humans. Thanks you Jesus for reveal to me the use of essential oil and the benfits of application and ingestion of esssential oils for healing and wellness.

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