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Marriage is Like Music

I'm so excited to think about my 28th wedding Anniversary this weekend. I am married to my best friend. The last few days the Lord God has been speaking to me on marriage and why he created it. I just want to leave this with you on the beautiful union of marriage. Don't get me wrong and think my marriage is always lovely. No it's not. But God has mature us everyday in our relationship with one another. Marriage is like music and God is the composer of your marriage. How are we able to allow our self center nature to destroy what we believe when we said I do that God put it together. How many differend kinds of music do we hear, gospel, worship, R&B, country, rap and jazz and much more. No marriage is a like, nothing God does is alike. I thankful that he has keep my marriage and reveal to me why he will honor us for just that. I love my husband but I love Jesus for love me. I want my marriage to be example for others to seek God and not yourself in what a marriage should be. May the Lord Bless everyone that's married in Jesus name. I'm excited to be the wife of a King.


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