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Life By Design

Your life is Design by God the creator himself. Just take a moment to think of how God had ordain your life. Have you stop and consider what it is that God would have you to do? Many seek for pleasure in things. Seek peace and hope in God! Your Life is Design to prosper and be in good health. Belive that the word of God is true. I decree and declare that the power of God will bring change in your life. l declare that God him self will do open heart sugery and bring the chain of bitterness and forgriveness in the name of Jesus. I decree and delare that your be loose in the name of Jesus loose from seducing spirits and that you will have an heart of repents. I declare that the God promises will run you over like a river of flowing water. May you feel his Glory and his unconditional love. My prayer is that you seek him in all that you do and watch how your life will become more than you can think or image. In the name of Jesus I pray that each person that read this will experience an refreshing from the Holy Spirit that the fire of God will be release in your life. In the name of Jesus be Bless!

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