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Emotional Deprived

Healing of body and soul take time. Today I am going to chat about the need for emotional healing. I believe that we all are or have been emotionally deprived. It's only by his love we are able to get freedom. Let me share some words of wisdom with you that was downloaded in my life by the Holy Spirit.

The person we are today is largely a product of our past experiences. If we have emotional or behavioral problems today, they are likely the result of things that happened in our past. The events of our past affect the way we feel, behave, and interact in the present. If we want to change our current behavior and emotions, we need to change the way the past has affected us. Let’s pause here ...... think about how your past affect our life. While we can't change the events of the past, we can change the way in which those events affect the way we live today. The way in which we respond to present conflicts was shaped in our soul during our youth. When we faced one event and one challenge after another, we developed ways of responding to them. Sometimes we developed an appropriate response and sometimes not. Most of these coping behaviors are ones that we learned from our parents.

Learn behavior has kept us from becoming our destiny that God wants for us. It’s not about the way you feel or your emotion. It’s about you total surrendering your life to Father God the Lord and Savior . Today I pray that the Holy Spirit will Break all emotional ties and the that’s holding you captive. I release the peace of God over your life. May the Blessing of God saturate your heart and mind and bring your emotion into alignment with the will of God this day in Jesus name



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