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What’s in your Mouth


What’s in Your Mouth? THE TONGUE of POWER! The tongue is the most powerful weapon we have. The sound out of your mouth is your voice. Your tongue articulating speech. Your tongue can evil or it can do good. The voice has sound and your voice is to be for him alone. I challenge you today to listen. Listen to the words that you say (profanity, lies, negativity). Do we refuse every word that dishonor his name? Are we speaking the language of Heaven and keeping our voice exclusively for communion with him, and singing his praises. We must consecrate our voices to worship God. Every hash word, every cutting word, every deceitful word, every flattering word, every murmuring, complaining, every curse, every lie, ever vulgar word, selfish sound will leave the impress upon our voices and make them weak, unmusical, uncertain in sounding fourth the praises of our God and of His Christ. Our voice should go up in praise and thanksgiving, in love and worship all the sharp, cutting notes will die away.

Do your voice have a touch of heavenly music? Are your words savory of Christ? Does your words point to Heaven which we are citizen? Is all that sharpness gone? Let the heart-cry of the soul find a deep response in the heart of those who have already met the Prince of Peace and who have accepted him as their Savior, the expression of that deep longing for a closer touch with the Lord. We as kingdom Citizen we should be releasing life, healing, prophetic, and promise. God creative our month for this purpose and reason to creative, prophecy, tongues, and interpretation. We have gifts to use for the Kingdom lets be about our Father Business.

I’m just a voice prepare the way of the Lord. Not bring attention to myself just here to show or impress other. I’m here to lift up Christ. I’m in debt that in needed of a savior who supply my every need.

1 Peter 3:8-12

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