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Sisters With Purpose Kingdom of Heaven Ministries Inc. 



Donations welcome

Promise Keeper Convents partner 

What does convent walker mean? Promise Keeper are committed to the ministry and committed to monthly Financial giving.


Is there a minimum amount that I need to commit to give? You commit to give monthly of $25 or more.  You can give more as much as The Lord direct.  


Promise Keeper are voluntary not automatic 


What's accomplish by being a part of promise keeper? you become proactive with God to help fulfill prophetic words spoken over this ministry.  You giving help with the ability  to commit regular resource. 

Become part of God's work through SWP to impact and touch and restore other in Jesus name.  


God position people and ministries in their place of calling and anointing for the fulfillment of his plan

and purpose on earth.  When we function in the center of his plan we receive the greatest blessing.  Has God call you to be a Promise Keeper.


Make sure we have our email address and phone number

Become a Promise Keeper receive $20 off  upcoming events .


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