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A season of Blessing

We do not operate in ignorance. We operate in the wisdom of the Kingdom of God in every area of life. Every place of darkness being covered by the enemy, attempting to hide blessings, is being illuminated by the light of God. Today I receive revelation to see in a new way.

Lord, I thank You for the portion You have given to me. I repent for any words I have spoken that are not aligned with Your words. I decree that all adversity released into my life from words I have spoken is broken, and every dark force operating against me ceases its operations now, in Jesus’ name.

Today I receive a fresh release of the anointing of the overcomer upon my life, in my family, business and ministry, in Jesus’ name.

Retribution is the full measure of restoration. When retribution is released on your behalf, you receive more than you had in the beginning, as though you were receiving interest.

Lord, I thank You that You have given me the power to create wealth according to Deuteronomy 8: 18. You have encoded my DNA to create wealth. I rebuke every robbing spirit that has been attacking my finances, health, peace or any other blessing that is due to me. I am increasing more and more. I will not lack any good thing. I decree that wealth, health, favor, overflowing portions and supersized blessings will mark my life from this day forward, in Jesus’ name.

Lord, I don't want to let my emotions get the best of me today, so I ask that Your peace would rise up like a mighty empire and referee in my heart, mind, and emotions. Help me recognize those moments when unhelpful emotions try to sneak up on me. I ask You to teach me how to put those emotions aside and release Your supernatural peace that is resident in my heart—the peace that is always ready at every moment to moderate every thought and emotion that tries to pass into my life! I pray this in Jesus’ name!

Evangelist O


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